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About Sam’s Hardware:

Sam's Hardware has been operating as an independent business during the last 40 years. Inventory is mainly "customer-driven". That means that we make every effort to satisfy the customer's needs, and will acquire the requested product if we do not have it in stock.
Toronto, Ontario,
M6C 1C1
830 St. Clair Avenue West,
Tools Check out Sam’s wide selection of traditional hand tools.
Hardware Hardware Fasteners Key-Cutting Sam can do it!
Electrical Electrical fittings to Light Bulbs. We have it all.
Plumbing Do you need to do plumbing repairs at home? Sam likely has what you need. Drop by.
Window & Screen Repairs We do repairs on most older style windows including wooden frame windows.
Glass & Acrylic We cut and sell glass and acrylic (plexiglass) for window and picture repairs.
Paints We have a limited supply of paints for common applications: Acrylic (water based) paint Oil paint Spray paint Painting Supplies Paint brushes & rollers Taping knives Caulking compounds Adhesives, glues, tapes Plaster & cement repair Thinners & solvents
Housewares Kitchen ustensils Glassware Household products Cleaning products Natural soaps including Alepo Soap Washboards Gardening tools and supplies Pest control products
Antiques Antique door hardware Kitchenware  Glass objects Collectable Electrical insulators
Minerals, rocks, and fossils Mineral specimens for the collector Crystals for healing and well-being
Sam’s Hardware. Drop by and buy!
Store Hours Open Monday to Saturday 9:00AM to 6:00PM Closed Sunday